My Favorite Shows

My Favorite Shows

Return from darkness Chapter 3

I sat there on my bed thinking about Jasper and me, and our family. I told him about my worries, about how I couldn’t see my future or rather how fuzzy what I could see was. The only thing I knew for certain was when it was going to happen, when my attacker would come for me. In what little vision I could see, there was a full moon, and I know the full moon is tomorrow, it was all going to happen tomorrow.

 Jasper settlement bed behind me back against the headboard rubbing my back and kissing my neck. If I could cry would, with all that we faced this was scary. I had no idea what we’re up against, none of us did. I was usually the one that could tell the weather in a blink of an eye, could tell you exactly what was that happen in a battle, avoid it. It was unnerving to know just how much I didn’t know. Not just for me, for my whole family. 

No matter how  hard I tried I couldn’t see it, whatever it was I was missing. I knew for a fact though that it wasn’t the Volturri. Although they were our worst enemy, and although I’m valuable to them, they wouldn’t bother. All their power depended on their people believing that they were good. Kidnapping one of their own for whatever reason would be counterproductive.

  There is nothing worse than trying to find the motive behind your impending doom except maybe trying futilely to prevent it.Edward could hear my thoughts. I could hear is the to any human and would sound like nothing, but to me it sounded like the thundering footsteps of an angry vampire.

" HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT" he was screaming. " are are you giving up?

"No, It’s hard not to feel hopeless in a situation like this."

  It was it was true but I still felt guilty. Jasper was exchanging annoyed looks between Edward and I.  It was hard for him, not knowing what we’re talking about, knowing it was serious and possibly deadly.  knowing it had something to do with my near future. We had been trying to figure out a plan, but without knowing what we’re up against it was next to impossible. We just had to wait and see.

" there has to be something we can do"Edward insisted.

"   I will protect her,  no matter what, I swear to you. I will never let anything happen to you. I love you."

" I love you too Jazz " I said,I reached up to caress his face and placed a light kiss on his lips.

Return from darkness: chapter two

Half way through my thoughts I was interrupted by a vision of myself. It was dark and it looked like I was being dragged I couldn’t hear anything but I knew I was scream for help for Jazz.

I snapped out of my vision and saw my whole family looking at me worried and confused. Edward looked pissed and Jasper seeing Edward went from fear to livid in no time.

"Alice" was all he said.

I wasn’t sure what to say. Edward already knew what I saw. I glanced up giving him a pleading look and he understood.

"Someone’s coming for her" he said quietly but filled with anger.

"Who?" Jaspers hissed and growled at the same time.

I don’t know I finally said. I knew he could feel my sadness and fear and in an instant his arms were around my waist our hands intertwined over my stomach, our usual stance.

"I had this feeling though like I knew him but I didn’t see his face" I replied.

"What about the volturri?" said Emmett he was pissed too no end all trace of his overbearing happiness gone.

"it wasn’t them, in my vision they came in the middle of the night the volturri wouldn’t have to resort to kidnapping".

"You can’t know that for sure" jasper said.

I went up to our room after that and tried to look further ahead but I couldn’t see anything. It was like I didn’t have a future ahead of me.

Return from darkness Chapter 1: The Beginning

Alice’s POV

It’s been the majority of a century since I woke up, in the dark and all alone. I couldn’t remember being human but even if I did I couldn’t ask for a better family then the one I have, especially Jasper.

Jasper is everything; he has been ever since we met in a small diner in Philadelphia. I couldn’t picture life without him. He is my love and my salv….

"Alice I know you love jasper but if you’re going to daydream about him can you not be so loud." Edward said.

"Oh, sorry" I said. "Oh, wait no I’m not"

Edward just rolled his eyes and smiled and jazz chuckled. Jazz slipped his arms around my waist and kissed my hair and I felt complete serenity.

I heard the door close just then and Rose and Esme were standing there arms full of shopping bags. I was supposed to go with them, but jasper talked me into staying, and well, I couldn’t say no to him. Plus both Rose and Esme know my style so well.

Misjudgements chapter two

As I’m walking home from the gym, I check my phone, it’s only 5:30 but it’s already starting to get dark.

When Tommy had come up to me earlier and started up a conversation, I got distracted and ended up staying longer than I had planned. I couldn’t tell who I was more pissed with him or me. I know better than to be out when it’s dark outside.

“Deep breaths, don’t panic, deep breaths, don’t panic” I chant to myself. I need to keep it under control. “Nothing’s going to happen to me” I say. “I’m ok”.

 It doesn’t help.

It’s too similar, too close for comfort. The buildings are all grey and the smell that can only be described as industrial fills the air. It’s even a full moon.

I look all around me, I’m alone. I take a moment to wonder if I’m glad about that and in the seconds my guard is down I feel a pull on my gym bag. It’s being ripped off of my back and when both me and the bag are on the ground the man behind me doesn’t try to grab it, he just stands there staring at me with a grin on his face vile enough to make me want to vomit. 

In seconds the shock wears off and I remember my training. I can only imagine the look on my face when his expression goes from smugness to apprehension to anger. He knows I’ll put up a fight and he’s not backing down.

He lunges toward me and I step to the right, swing around and land a kick to the back of his leg. He grunts and falls and as soon as he hits the ground I run as fast as I can back to the gym. I burst through the door and everyone looks over at me, I look at the clock and it’s only 6:00, the gym doesn’t close for another hour.

“Karina”? It’s Tommy’s voice and he sounds concerned, but I’m too disoriented to get excited about it. “Karina?” he says again. I look up this time and the look on his face is breath-taking and scary, but why he looks so hostile I can’t imagine.

Tommy’s POV

I watched as Karina ran back into the gym. It looked like someone was chasing her. Then she turned around and the sheer terror on her face said it all. I walked over to her, hoping I could be some kind of comfort but instead I froze. Images of my mom came over me, so scared and feeling so helpless and my scumbag of a dad who was supposed to take care of her being a raging, screaming drunk, threatening to hit her if she didn’t stop crying.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I snapped out of it and realized I was giving Katrina a look of loathing and hostility. She looked both mad and scared. “Sorry” I say. She looked a bit more relaxed.

“I’m sorry” I say again. “This just reminds me of somethin I don’t want to remember.” I know it’s not a good excuse, but it’s all I could give without telling her the whole story and I didn’t know her well enough for that yet.

Unnatural -chapter 2

I looked away as quickly as I could a blush rising up my face. Did he really just notice me, no not notice, adore me? This must be a dream. I pinch my arm, nope this was reality. I heard a chuckle and to my horror he was standing right in front of my desk. Awkward.

"Hi, my names Jared" he said. As if I didn’t already know his name.

"I’m Kim" I said my cheeks felt so warm.

"It’s nice to meet you" he said. I couldn’t believe this was happening. And then suddenly that look was back in his eyes.

"Do you want to go out with me?" the words rushed out of his mouth as if he were afraid he would chicken out if he didn’t say it fast.

"Sure" I said. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

"Cool" he said sounding relieved that I said yes.

The conversation probably would have continued but just then my teacher Mr. Ray walked in and said “sorry I’m late everyone please take a seat”.

"Can we talk at lunch?" he asked.

"Yeah" I said. Hopefully I’d be able to say more then.

Later at lunch

He sat down across from me and said a simple hello. He was so cute; I never knew he was shy.

"Hi" I said back.

"How are you?" He looked like he really cared. Like it wasn’t just something you say for conversations sake.

"Good, you?" I asked.

"Great" he replied. "So about that date" he said.

"I’m free this Friday" it seemed like I was jumping the gun but I wanted to say yes before he changed his mind or realized who he was talking to.

"Cool pick ya up at 8, is that cool?"

"Yeah that’s cool, where are we going?"

"How about Port Angeles" he asked, "For dinner and a movie."

"Sounds good"

Unnatural chapter 1

I was that girl, you know the one. The one that has a crush on the cutest boy in school but never gets noticed by him. Jared was the crushee in the story. He was the most gorgeous guy in the world I was sure of it.

That’s why the last three weeks were so terrible, because for some unknown reason - and believe me rumors were flying- he hasn’t been here. I guess you could say I was worried. Some said he had joined Sam Uley’s gang but I didn’t believe it, I couldn’t.

Just when I thought the worst the door opened and in walked Jared, a much different Jared. He was much taller and stronger looking then before he left. I knew because I was so used to staring at him. In the non-creepy sort of way. Almost like he could read minds, he glanced in my direction and gave me the most adoring look I’ve ever seen.

Misjudgments: Karina meets Tommy

All Karina wanted was a fresh start. She moved to Pittsburgh, she considered going to New York, but she went there once when she was little kid, she was with her parents, when everyone was well and happy. She didn’t want to go there anymore. When she lived in Chicago, she would go to this gym, living in a city you never know what’s going to happen, she felt better when she was in control. She found one in Pittsburgh though it was a bit shady.

 There are flickering fluorescent lights in the ceiling, the kind you see in a crappy public school with no funding. There is a big boxing ring in the middle. There are a bunch of bags and other workout equipment around but the draw of the gym was the ring. There are a lot of MMA types here, big bulky guys, some were professionals, some just watch too much MMA or UFC or whatever.

 But then there was Tommy, you could tell he was the real deal, he was strong. He has dark brown hair, and steel gray- blue eyes. He was bulky like the others and tall. This is her third week in Pittsburgh, at this gym. She’s looked over at him plenty of times, but he’s never noticed her. And why should he? People I can never like her. They only noticed beautiful women with, curvy bodies, wearing tight clothes, throwing themselves at men like him.

But he did look at me. He gave a sort of smirk, not really this kind of smile a girl would swoon over, it was almost cocky, like “hey, you’re cute I could probably get in your pants.” This guy was probably a jerk, he probably got so many girls acting that way.

 Well, not me.

I looked away and went back to my workout. I was doing fine until I felt someone behind me, Tommy was standing there.

" hey", He said.

" hey "I said back. I didn’t know what he wanted. Well, Maybe I did know what he wanted.and maybe I was just damaged enough to give it to it.